Resource Organization: Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER)

We train today’s scholars and tomorrow’s leaders to contribute to a thriving planet, now and in the future.

E-IPER students combine academic disciplines including natural and Earth sciences, engineering, economics, humanities, social sciences, law, health, policy, and business to develop solutions to urgent global problems that affect human health, livelihoods, and sustainable resources.

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E-IPER provides opportunities for Joint and Dual MS students to work as research assistants on faculty mentored, individualized environment, energy, and sustainability research.
We have the opportunity to provide funding for compelling projects that leverage the unique skill sets and expertise of both E-IPER PhD students and Joint/Dual MS students. This structured PhD/MS collaboration model is one way E-IPER is exploring and demonstrating avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration.