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This course is designed for both undergrad and graduate students eager to explore how entrepreneurship can be utilized to promote sustainability and enduring positive change. Throughout this class, students have the invaluable opportunity to learn about the human-centered approach of startup making and generating the funding thesis from a teaching team of a design-thinking researcher, seasoned venture capitalists, and accomplished entrepreneurs, gaining insights into their strategies for creating lasting impacts...
TomKat Solutions is a program designed to support rapidly deployable energy and environmental solutions. Each Academic Year, we are requesting submissions for solutions that will address the underlying causes and consequences of specific challenges. Selected projects can be funded through three phases...
The TomKat Center's Innovation Transfer Program assists Stanford University faculty, staff, and students in commercializing breakthrough technologies and innovations in sustainability. Grants are awarded to develop prototypes, to refine business plans, and to conduct customer trials and market research...
This competition is open to Stanford doctoral students performing translational research for sustainable energy or other sustainability challenges. These fellowships are meant to support advanced doctoral students (third year and beyond) to pursue...
The Sustainability Accelerator drives solutions generated through collaborations and scales them through partners locally and globally to ensure they benefit all people. The grants are awarded in three tiers: planning, mid-range, and large-scale.
The Summer Ecopreneurial Immersion Program offers Stanford graduate students an experiential learning opportunity to evaluate a sustainability-focused venture idea over the summer, with a stipend, coaching, workshops, and community...
In this intensive, hands-on, project-based course, teams continue to develop their ventures based on a user need that they validated in advance of the course. They build out more elaborate versions of their prototypes and Business Model Canvas; test hypotheses...
Startup Garage is an intensive, hands-on, project-based course where students apply human-centric design, lean startup methodology, and the Business Model Canvas to conceive, design, and field-test new business concepts that address real world needs...
The Stanford Impact Founder Fellowship (formerly the Social Innovation Fellowship) provides $110,000 in funding along with advising support to Fellows who want to start a high-impact for-profit or nonprofit venture to address a pressing social or environmental need. SIF finalists are eligible to receive a $20,000...
Solving the global climate challenge will require the creation and successful scale-up of hundreds of new ventures. This project-based course provides a launchpad for the development and creation of transformational climate ventures and innovation models...