Our Mission & Vision

Stanford Ecopreneurship programs were established through the Benioff Ecopreneur Fund and designed in partnership between the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, building on the strengths of both schools.


Our mission is to leverage Stanford’s strengths in both sustainability and entrepreneurship to accelerate a multi-trillion dollar transition to address current global climate and sustainability challenges and create a future where humans and nature thrive in concert and in perpetuity.  We recognize that development of sustainability technology and policy solutions must be combined with effective models of ecopreneurship, defined as building public, private, and nonprofit organizations that can take solutions to scale.

We must not only prepare a new generation of ecopreneurs at Stanford who can create and build these organizations, we must also evaluate models of ecopreneurship support and education in deep collaboration with governments, large corporations, nonprofits, and other universities to share best practices as they evolve.  Together we can accelerate the development of ecopreneurs at the scale needed.



With our dedicated faculty and staff, Stanford Ecopreneurship programs support ecopreneurs at Stanford and beyond by:

  • Helping budding ecopreneurs at Stanford discover and navigate the wealth of courses, co-curricular programs, grants, and supportive communities available to them throughout their ecopreneurial journey, whether they aspire to launch a new venture or lead sustainability initiatives within a large organization.  We organize these resources along the ecopreneurs’ objectives to: 

      • Enrich their ecopreneurial capacity with skills and contextual awareness.

      • Discover sustainability challenges and ecopreneurial opportunities. 

      • Evaluate the viability of their ecoventure ideas.

      • Accelerate the development of their ecoventure.

  • Enabling students of any major, level, or program across Stanford to learn ecopreneurial thinking to advance sustainability through varied career paths.

  • Evaluating novel systems for educating and supporting ecopreneurs in collaboration with external partners to identify best practices that can be scaled worldwide.