Resource Organization: Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)

We empower aspiring entrepreneurs to become global citizens who create and scale responsible innovations.

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The Accel Leadership Program (ALP) develops entrepreneurial leaders through case-based team learning. Each year, 16 technically-minded Stanford seniors and graduate students from across the University solve real-world problems with fellows and mentors. Students work in teams with a high growth venture CEO...
Handcrafted for twelve Stanford master’s students interested in entrepreneurial ventures, the Threshold Venture Fellows (TVF) program provides a front-row seat to the world of venture creation. Fellows meet weekly for classroom sessions, guest speakers, and in-depth discussions about launching and leading...
PEAK Fellows offers 16 Stanford undergraduate and co-term students the opportunity to develop their personal principles for entrepreneurial leadership. These principles are designed to help guide each fellow as they shape teams and align their career decisions with their values.
The Mayfield Fellows Program (MFP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for 12 students, from a diverse set of backgrounds and any major, to develop the theoretical understanding, practical knowledge, and leadership skills needed to establish, scale, and lead principled high-growth technology ventures.