Resource Organization: Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

We educate insightful leaders of social and environmental change.

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SIL prize winners receive $20,000 in support of their leadership and commitment to a role in the social innovation field. Options include a one-year fellowship in venture philanthropy at the DRK Foundation or a one-year minimum position at a high-impact organization of their choice.
The Stanford Impact Founder Fellowship (formerly the Social Innovation Fellowship) provides $110,000 in funding along with advising support to Fellows who want to start a high-impact for-profit or nonprofit venture to address a pressing social or environmental need. SIF finalists are eligible to receive a $20,000...
Summer is a critical time to explore a social impact career, develop credibility in a new industry or focus area, and gain expertise in a particular functional area. The Social Management Immersion Fund enables students to make the most of their summer experience.
MBA students who want to gain a deeper understanding of a problem and the people most affected by it can apply to IDIF for summer funding to spend time interviewing stakeholders, developing relationships with experts and mentors, and getting feedback on prototypes of possible solutions.