A Law Firm-Led Effort to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services to Sustainability-Focused Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations.
The Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy Initiative matches non-profits and start-ups working in the field of environmental sustainability with law firms providing pro bono legal services. The initiative continues to grow, with 17 law firms collectively providing over $55 million in pro bono services over the past three years to support sustainability efforts both inside and outside of the initiative.
Stanford Law School and Stanford’s Precourt Institute for Energy facilitate connections between participating firms and potential pro bono clients and track the effort’s impact, including directed research aimed at eliminating the barriers green startups face in accessing pro bono legal services.

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Stanford law students, working under the supervision of the Stanford attorney teaching team, provide pro bono legal assistance and support to non-profit and for-profit startups focused on climate, sustainability, and impact.
The Emergence Accelerator Program supports a cohort of highly driven social and environmental student entrepreneurs and ventures each year from across campus. Through key impact entrepreneurship workshops, coaching from successful founders, one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals, and facilitated networking and connections to prospective funders, students are supported to ideate, develop, and launch purpose driven ventures that address our most pressing health challenges.
This new program provides seed grants totaling from $10,000 to $150,000, for up to two years, for interdisciplinary research projects that seek to promote new understanding of ocean processes and marine life, and to inform solutions for ocean health and sustainability...